Adding V380 camera


i got a digital door spy and i’m trying to get it working.
It works with some sketchy V380 app, but i need to get a still Image via http from it, unfortunately all the documentation i found says, “use app”.
First question: if i add i to openHAB, can i get a still via http from that?

After a log of googling and testing, i managed to get the live feed in VLC with this link
but so far i haven’t been able to get it working in openHAB

Second question: Does anyone here have experience with this type of camera?
Maybe login somehow into it and figure out what capabilities it has, these ports are open on it
9800 (tcp?)

Also managed to get it partly working in ONVIF Device Manager, unfortunately it dosen’t seem to be fully compliant so i cant get much info from that.

How have you been trying to get it working on OH?

The IP Camera building supports rtsp.

Here are the settings i used, this cycles between initializing, online and error

Screen shots are almost impossible to read. Screenshots in dark mode are impossible to read. Click the Code tab and post the text here using code fences.

What’s it say in the logs?

Click the image > original image > click the image again
You can also use ctrl + scroll wheel to zoom in even further

Are there any logs to check?
I downloaded, unzipped to desktop and run the start script.
Is ffmpeg included in OH? If i get this working then i plan to run OH as a container on my NAS, so can i encapsulate ffmpeg inside OH?

I am not going to try to read a screen shot on my phone. Particularly if even if I could read it, it will be incomplete. This is the whole reason the “Code” tab exists.

Screen shots are really hard to read, cannot be searched, cannot be copy/paste/edited, and are always incomplete.


You can create a custom image that comes with ffmpeg installed or have is installed with a mapped in init script (see the Docker installation and use docs Docker)

The image is 1 to 1 and complete from top to bottom, you can just download and view it as any photo on a phone.

OK, then for testing purposes here, if i install ffmpeg to, say, c:\ffmpeg\ffmpeg.exe
Then do i set, FFmpeg Install Location to c:ffmpegffmpeg.exe ?

I’m not going to argue this any more. When asking for help, it’s usually considered polite to provide the information requested by those volunteering to help you. If you can’t comply, I won’t help. By not posting the text you are making it more than twice as hard as it needs to be to help you. I’ve got better things to do with my time.

And no, it’s not 1 to 1 complete. Where are the Channels? Those are on a different screen. Those often have important information too.

But you know best. Good luck!

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just lol… nothing more 2 say.

I see, you understand how forums work.

Please calm down your attitude.
I can see you joined just a few days ago, so might not be used to this community’s rules.

We generally ask not to post screenshots but text embedded in code fences.

If you want to get help, you‘d better follow the rules and read this one

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even when you’re unaware of forum rules such as that screenshots aren’t accepted (you should), your tone is an absolute no-go.
This is a civil place, and you mustn’t be insulting volunteers providing help.
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