Additional icons

Anybody with a library of icons?
Of course, in the same style of the current OH2 icons…
The time I’ve lost with looking for good additional icons (dishwasher, fish tank, lawnmower…) :wink:

Maybe a nice feature?
Somewhere a place where we can upload icons?
With tags (fe home, alarm, animals, tools, network…)
And where we can download it in bulk?

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The only problem I see with that is needing to avoid copyright infringement. We probably could only host icons from their original creators. I’d be uncomfortable hosting icons that people have scrounged up from around the internet.

I like the idea but we would have to be careful.


Was something I also thought about. The copyright.
Could be solved that people need to mention the source.
But indeed, maybe a lot of extra work to check each time.

If I only could create nice drawings… :blush:

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