Additional items in openHAB cloud?

Trying to get my Alexa to work with OH2… I have a few items listed in the cloud GUI. And i can turn those switches on/off, and it propagates fine.

However I now want to add some other items. But for the life of me I can’t get additional items to appear in myopenhab web interface.

I go into the Configuration in the paper UI. Select the cloud binding… The dropdown always lists 1 item. And it’s always a comma delimited list of actual item names… That’s issue no. 1

The next issue is that no matter what I select to add (Via the advanced config) I can’t get additional items to appear in the cloud gui webpage. And of course my Alexa can’t then find them

What do i have to sacrifice before the gods to make this thing behave? Besides my sanity, that went about the same time I started trying to use this.

You need to go to Configuration -> Services -> IO -> openHAB Cloud


No. There is no need to expose any items to the cloud to get it to work with Alexa. If your Alexa does not work you have another problem.

Take a look here:

I don’t think my setup matches… I don’t have simple linking enabled. Nor are these real devices. They’re all virtual devices (Defined in the items file).

I’m sure I read in one of the docs you need to have the items exported… However, this is the item that Alexa doesn’t find

{"link":"","state":"20","type":"Number","name":"MainHall_Target_Temp","label":"Hall Target","category":"temperature","tags":["TargetTemperature"],"groupNames":["gMainHallThermostat"]}

Looks OK to me… And what’s the difference between it and one that Alexa does find…

{"link":"","state":"OFF","type":"Switch","name":"HEAT_Mode","label":"Heating Mode","category":"switch","tags":["Switchable"],"groupNames":["Heating_Switches"]}

Apart from the type (Switch vs Number), and tag (Switchable vs TargetTemperature) the label is there,

Found it…

Missing ‘Thermostat’ item…

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