Additional settings for RGBW bulb


So I installed openHAB the other day when I got my Z-wave controller and a RGBW bulb. I got it working yesterday and everything is fine. However I’d like to be able to switch between the modes of the bulb from the UI. Currently there is “Dimmer”, “Color”, “Temp” etc. The setting for rainbow mode, blinkning mode and so on are only in the device configuration. Is there any way to add these commands to the “Control view” and the phone app? (the web UI obviously have access to manipulate the setting)

If not, is there support in the API so I could do this with say eg. Tasker?

Edit: Still new to this so not sure if it’s supposed to be in bindings category, please move it if it’s inappropriate.

You should explain which bulb you’re talking about.
I guess what you want to change is a zwave device parameter. To accomplish that through GUI (and not through habmin) is fairly uncommon, but it can be done using command=configuration and parameter options to the item, see ZWave binding docs. Example:
Switch EG_Treppe_Alarm "Treppenlicht Alarm" <alarm> (Treppe,Test) { zwave="56:1:command=configuration,parameter=72" }

Thank you!

Now I only have to figure out the weirdness of combined config files and the database.

Edit: bulb is Aeon ZW098 by the way. I think I can figure out proper parameters etc though so just need to figure out how to actually modify things when it’s in the database.

Do you mean the database is incorrect in some way? If so, please register for an account so you can update it and I’ll give you edit rights to modify the data.

Nono, just new to OpenHab and it seems OpenHab2 uses a database rather than the config files when adding devices and properties (things, sitemaps etc). Have not figured out how to add new properties to this device in OH2 since it’s in a database and not the config files. Maybe remove it and add manually?

Everything works in the PaperUI/Habmin but I want to add the parameter setting (rainbow mode, blink mode and so on) to my UI together with the dimmer, color selector etc but there is nothing in the sitemap, items folder etc.

Long story short: Want to add the “mode setting” that is in the bulb config to the user interface. Mode setting is A-Okay in the configuration menu in PaperUI.

Ok - we’re talking cross purposes about databases. I was thinking about the ZWave device database…

You can still define the configuration in OH2 using static files, but if you just use the UI, then configuration is largely point and click for device configuration, channels and items. You will still need to configure sitemaps etc manually, but device configuration can be done through the user interface.

If you configure through the user interface, the fact that this configuration is stored in a database isn’t something you need to worry about as it’s transparent to the user.

If you configure through the DSL files, then you will have trouble configuring ZWave devices since ESH won’t allow configuration of devices that are configured through the files.

In this thread it’s mentioned that it is not yet supported in OH2. Should be what I am trying to accomplish that is discussed right?

What do you me by “it is not yet supported”? What is it? and what are you actually trying to accomplish? Sorry, but it’s not clear…

Sorry, I will make it clearer

From other thread:

In OH1 I defined a fibaro-socket in this way:

Switch Fibaro “Fibaro” (Steckdosen,ZentralAus) { zwave=“2:command=SWITCH_BINARY” }

In OH2 it’s detected automatically as thing and I can use it in this way:

Switch Fibaro “Fibaro” (Steckdosen,ZentralAus) { channel=“zwave:device:0acd4312:node2:switch_binary” }

To find out the new channel, I copy from the channel-definition in the paper-ui.

But the Fibaro wall plug had more possibilities.
I used the rgb-led as notification if windows were opened.

Therefore I had a second item:
Number Fibaro_Color_ON “Fibaro_Color_ON [%.0f]” (Einstellungen) { zwave=“2:command=CONFIGURATION,parameter=61” }

I have no idea, how I can use this with OpenHAB 2.

So what I want to accomplish is to send command=configuration, parameter=xx (to change mode of the bulb to for example rainbow mode and back to single color with another button). If I understand the thread I posted above this is not yet possible in OH2?

No - this isn’t possible in OH2 at the moment.

Thanks, then I can stop trying. Will try out OH1 as soon as I have time, will need the authentication as well but really like where things are going with OH2 :slight_smile:

Seems like the properties are missing after all. When using OH2 they popped up automatically but they are NOT in


in any of the 4 versions here:

Don’t know where online version of OH2 got them from :confused: 36 and 37 are used for color modes.

Edit: Okay seems it’s defined as a complete thing for OH2 but the OH1 definitions lacks these parameters.

From the ZWave database.

We seem to be swapping around between devices here as before you were talking about the Fibaro wallplug I think? Note that the color command class isn’t supported in OH1 so the bulb won’t allow color changing unless there’s some sort of hack where colors can be set through another command class.

The other device was for the purpose of explaining that I wanted to use the command=CONFIGURATION.

So basically, OH1, no color. OH2, colors, but no support for command=CONFIGURATION? Or is there an actual way other than going into the UI->config device->set the color mode in OH2?

Sorry for confusing you but I’m still very new to openHAB.

Correct. The CONFIGURATION channel will be supported in a limited way when I get time (it’s on my todo list).

Alright, that would be neat. I guess there are more devices that have useful device specific commands :slight_smile:

Yes - it’s a bit unfortunate that they weren’t implemented using a standard control command class rather than using configuration parameters - I’m pretty sure that other commercial controllers don’t support this (at least my Vera didn’t).