Addon backward compatibility

Hi i am currently running 2.3.0. On a P.I. If it aint broken dont fix it. I recently purchased a usb CUL device as i had enough of the cube loosing its settings last year.

The install of maxcul addon errors I apologise i dont have the log entry with me. I am certain is because its stopped being hosted remotely. That was my interpretation of the error.

I found the git source but dont know how to compile it. Anyone have the v1 addons they can share?

Whilst i am at it i was going to install the latest version but wonder what version of openhab i can go to with a v1 addon compatibility?

Thanks in advance.

Also don’t change it. If you change it you increase the likelihood that it will break. It’ll still break eventually due to things outside your control, but there’s no reason to increase that likelihood.

OH 2.3 has long since lost OH support. After OH 2.4 the place where all OH artifacts were hosted closed down and we lost all build artifacts before OH 2.5.12.

I’m not sure where you can download the kar file for add-ons from Maven central but I don’t know that for sure. My memory is fuzzy.

Nothing past OH 2.5.12 supports v1 add-ons.

This is the KAR file with OH1 add-ons for OH 2.3.0:

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Consider migrating to an openHABian based setup to use homegear. That’ll replace the need for a maxcul binding.
I run this myself to control my MAX! devices.
You could setup an openHAB 2 based system on another SD card in the first place so you shouldn’ t be experiencing too many upgrade related issues. See openHABian docs.

Thanks guys for the info. Just a heads up. I looked at homegear and spent a week of messing around to get it running only to find that it doesn’t support the eq3 boiler control which I have. Shame because its recommended for some many solutions to the CUL/CUN problem.

Cannot comment on that it may be available in current HG or not but if not given MAX is no longer sold and maintained, the more clever approach is probably to replace that particular actuator with a non MAX one with OH you have many options.