Addon to add external links to openHAB dashboard

Sorry. Typing error. 2.2.0-1 :frowning:

Did you test with the latest snapshot, I just found this merged PR:

Where do I find the dashboard.cfg file? or do I have to create it myself?
for openhab 2.3 and 2.4?

My openhab is a docker container in synology


I setup the same recently so you just have to create a new dashboard.cfg file under /etc/openhab/services.

I dont use docker but assume the same folder structures and configuration folders exist.


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Is anyone doing this successfully with OH2 Private Cloud and behind NGINX?

I have a hosts with various services on my network. I, nor a few others havent been able to get this working.

Whilst I can get the tiles to display I think the issue more relates to that of NGINX configuration.

Just keen to see if anyone had success.