Addons can´t deinstall


at Paper UI - Addons there are the Dresden Elektronik deCONZ Binding twice V2.5.5 and V2.5.10 and
I´m not able to install V2.5.5. Everytime I try to install the Installation of V2.5.10 starts automatical.

Is there a way to delete the “old” Version? When I´m using this Version many Aqaris Sensors send false Numbers or not working with rules.

Thanks for help

IMHO you should not see those two versions.
I assume you are on version 2.5.10.
Why do you want to install the 2.5.5 version of this binding?
Did you put the .jar for that binding into the addons folder (that way it should be installed automatically and should not show in that list)?

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Is the Version 2.5.5 higher then 2.5.10? Or is the the opposit?

As 5 is lower then 10 version 2.5.5 was BEFORE 2.5.10.

Thank you - learned something new :slight_smile: Thought would be 2.5.9 ans then 2.6.0

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