Addons directory


I have just started to try out openHAB to integrate my Z-wave network and
Using Raspberry PI 2 with manual install (not apt-get)

So need to add z-wave binding to “addons” directory but cannot find that. Where should it be?

How did you install openHAB. If you installed via the preferred apt-get method than the addons are in /usr/share/openhab/addons. If not it is located in what ever directory you unzipped openHAB into. Most of the outdated instructions out there have you put openHAB in /opt/openhab.

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I installed alpha-2 release via manual unzip in /opt/openhab .
There is no addons directory.

Sure the apt package would be convenient but I like to have a bit more control while learning :slight_smile:

Should I create it somewhere?

Oops, didn’t notice the openHAB2 tag. I don’t know OH 2 that well. My answer was for OH 1.

If you are using a current build from, it should be right there in the root of the extracted folder. If not, simply create it there.

I downloaded the package mentioned in your tag post

but also downloaded the one above…neither have “addons” dir.

But created it :slight_smile:

There is no apt package for 2.0 Alpha, right?

There is.

Use this link and download the

There is no apt package for 2.0 Alpha, right?

Yes, that’s right. an apt package will follow later.

@rlkoshak, for OH2 installed via apt-get is ‘almost’ the same ( /usr/share/openhab2/addons ). ( I needed for OH2 and your answer helped me, thanks)