Addons not appearing in paper ui


I have installed OpenHab on qnap nas. Before installing I have created directory Openhab. After install I see that directory showing directories like addons. However if I copy a jar file in the addons directory it does not show up in the paper ui to install. Any advice what to do?

Version of OpenHab is 2.2 since it is the last one available for my qnap system.

Depends on the jar file. If it’s for a 1.x binding, it won’t show up in Paper UI.

You cannot use the Docker image? That should be the current 2…5.1 stable version.

Sadly no, container station not available for my Nas :frowning:

I think I could change the option to see 1. versions, afterwards it was showing more. However ones I added don’t show up.

Via Google I found the Sonos updated binding to resolve the uninitialized error with Play:1 and also the new IP camera binding.

If I’m not mistaken the updated version of the Sonos binding should be installed automatically when placed in this folder. Please check on the Karaf console with command bundle:list which version of the Sonos binding is installed.
Side note, did you remove the older Sonos binding before placing the newer jar file in the add-ons folder?

Thanks for your help at first!
Will need to see if I can access the Karaf console :slight_smile:

Should I be seeing the add-ons in the same directory? Because the openHAB\addons is empty except a readme file before I have copied in the files.

Maybe I should spend my time investigating how to dock without container station, in that way I can at least go to latest version of openHAB.

This folder is for manually installed add-ons only!

ok will have a look this evening. Thanks

ok, I think OpenHab is not going to work for me. I can’t go any newer than the 2.2 version of OpenHab since my Qnap has not enough RAM to run Docker / Container Station. Too bad, but thanks for the help!!!