Advanced Push Notifications

From myopenhab it’s possible to send push notifications to the mobile app.
Would it be possible to use this also in rules and also set an action to the notification opening. Here’s the use case I have:
When I detect someone at the front door, it triggers a rule which should send a push notification via myopenhab (not any other binding) and I should be able to set the message and link target, such as « Someone’s at the front door », and if I tap that notification, it will open the app and instead of going to the message, it would go to an item or item group of my choice, let’s say item containing the camera picture or a group which includes a switch for the outside lamp.
Or did someone already achieve this differently?

Search the forum for how to do that using Telegram. It’s not possible using the oh cloud server notifications.

I already have an integration with Telegram and it works all fine. Now the big BUT :slight_smile: I simply prefer using natively integrated push notifications through the OpenHAB app.

Furthermore it would need deep link support in the OpenHAB app in order to send a link which redirects me directly to a specific item in the sitemap (eg oh://sitemap…item…), I guess that would be no matter the solution used.

Nonetheless, as far as I remember, I think telegram allows bot dialogues suggesting predefined answers, Habot like. Maybe I would have to dive a bit deeper into this (it’s been a while when I did the integration).