Advanced Z-Wave Question

I have physically reorganized my Z-Wave network, moving a power outlet to a different location. Before I moved it, several other devices seemed to like it as their primary link but network heal seems to have resolved most of those issues.
The moved node tends to be offline. How do I force it to rediscover its neighbors and best path? It originally preferred a path directly to the controller that likely is no longer viable.
Unplugging & re-plugging the outlet does not seem to help.

What is the device - is it a ZWave+ device? Are others around it also ZWave+ devices? If so, it should sort out the network automatically.

As far as I know, all are Z-Wave+. Here is the device (firmware 2.32) and the nearest 2 devices are the same model (nodes 4 & 5).


1 is HUSBZB-1
3, 14, 15 are PIR sensors

If all nodes in the network between the device and controller are ZWave+ then the network should sort itself out without intervention (in theory at least!).

Even with a node going off-line?
Those sensors tend to get stuck in NIF request after a network heal.

Yes - the OFFLINE state is an openHAB state only so doesn’t have any bearing on the operation of the device or network.

What is the purpose of the synchronize network menu selection for my controller in HABmin?

It synchronises multiple controllers (if you have another primary controller?).

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Would it make sense to schedule additional network heals to help the network sort itself out?
Just in the short term, bit every day.

Can I Plug in a new Controller … Click synchronize network and have a 1:1 Copy of the original one?
(Then unplug and keep the Copy as “Backup”)