Advice needed on home automation setup


I have some hardware already installed and want to add a couple of remote switches to control lights. These should be controlled by OpenHAB and ideally separately via the internet (my OpenHAB setup is currently not reachable via the internet).

Here’s what I got running so far:

  • Raspi 3 with OpenHABian
  • Tinkerforge weather station with a 433MHz sender, attached to the Pi
  • AVM Fritzbox 7490 with 3 DEC200’s, controllable via the AVM app as well as OpenHAB

Right now I’m only controlling a humidifier and some table lamps using the DEC200’s.

What I have available but not in use:

  • A couple of Pollin power outlet adapters (433MHz), could be used like the DEC200’s
  • Intertechno CMR-1000 (433MHz, does not fit behind my light switches)
  • Amazon Echo Dot

Since I don’t want any hardware hanging in the open, I’m looking for something that I can use to retrofit my mechanical light switches (needs to fit behind them in the wall) or a complete replacement that is compatible with the rest of my setup. Ideally, all of that will work like the AVM DEC200’s - controllable via OpenHAB and via the internet using some app (e.g. the Alexa app with a matching skill?).

Any ideas for a simple solution?

One option could be to use a Sonoff basic removed from its plastic case and flashed with Tasmoto firmware. Not sure how much room you have to work with but check YouTube as there are several videos showing how this is done. If going this route make sure to use GPIO pin 14 connected to the existing switch so you will still have manual control (this is also show in several YouTube videos).

Will this work?

I believe tasmota supports also.

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Thanks, guys! I’ll take a closer look at both options. I had already heard of Sonoff, but Shelly is completely new to me.

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