Advice on home weather stations

Weather station is on my 2020 projects list, probably will be a DIY type. I found this one (LTB weather station) pretty fine to start with.
Instant rain recognition will be a must have.

Hello community,

I digged out this thread because integrating a Weather Station into OH2 is also on my list for 2020.

I first wanted to go for a Wunderground-Station, but as I read so far, the new API-Keys given when registering a PWS are not compatible to the old ones.

Also, it is important for me to really use my own data, since I want to use wind speed to control my awning (close it when wind speed exceeds a threshold).

NetAtmo seems to be an alternative, but quality seems to be questionable. Any ideas or hints on what to use?

That’s true, but there is a new binding in OH 2.5 that retrieves a 5 day forecast and the PWS observations using The Weather Company API and the new Weather Underground keys.

Thank you Mark, it seems this is exactly what I need :wink:

There are not many that can be used 100% offline which I feel is important as a storm is when you want the data the most and when a cloud based setup is most likely to go down.

You can buy a weather station made by Fine offset that is then sold under many different brands around the world. These work and are cheap, mines been reliable for 2 years at least now with only an odd cleaning needed to keep the tipping bucket working. These work with wunderground so you can use multiple bindings to get the data even more so if you purchase one with the brand Ambient weather as then you have a 3rd binding that can be used.