Advice/opinion enocean or zwave

I recently started to make my house smarter by adding zwave actuators (aeotec dimmers, shutters, controller) in combination with openhabian/Pi4.

My frustration level today is at its maximum because of reluctance of zwave devices to repairing after performing a factory reset. I decided to throw away every single zave device and thinking about switching over to enocean.

Could a few of you guys please share some of your experiences regarding

  • pairing
  • configuration
  • operation (is everything working without problems?)

Many thanks in advance

Enocean does not have mesh networking, a number of devices does not even have a return channel.
It’s inferior to zwave in about every discipline except on power requirements. No you don’t want it.
Many people successfully run zwave networks with openHAB. Frustration never is a good advisor.
Calm down and analyse your problems. There’s usually no need to factory reset.
Open another thread if you need help.

Before you throw your devices away I’ll gladly pay shipping so you can send them to me. :wink:

Also what mstormi said!

Many thanks for your advise. Interesting to read that enocean does not have mesh capabilities. funny thing, enocean mesh was the first search term when I started my enquiry. probably in theory it supports mesh but not in real life or under various conditions…
ok. I think I will have to stay with zwave and should go again through the „hell of pairing“ :joy:

I only had problems pairing battery devices, but if you continuosly wake them up during the pairing process, they should work without issues. Just be a bit patient. If pairing is not complete and you think “let’s try pairing again” you might end up with ghost nodes on your ZWave controller…