AEH-W4A1 HiSense / Fedders / White Westinghouse Air Conditioners Automation


I owned an Fedders Air Conditioner which uses a wifi module called “AEH-W4A1” this module is connected by this application: AC WIFI (

Unfortunately, the company didn’t made any Alexa or Google Home integration and I would like to integrate it into OpenHab. However, I didn’t find any information or binding and the device doesn’t have so much information about it to try to programmer or hack it.

Here is the most detailed information about this IoT device I found:

Anyone have any idea how to hack or hook it to Openhab?

Thanks in advance,


You’ll have to try wireshark to sniff the net traffic between the app and the device and then understand the protocol. If it’s encrypted you’ll probably be out of luck.

Vincent, can you check if same protocol als Gree HVAC? Look this project:

I wouldn’t know, I don’t have either devices, sorry