Aeon Energy Meter Gen2 Configuration problem

Dear All
I have problems with configuration of this device.
In manual:
Setting automatic report flags.
Parameter 101-103 [4 byte dec] can be configured through your gateway in case that the default settings of your meter are not what you desire.
1 -> Battery Report 2 -> MultiSensor Report for the whole device 4 -> Meter Report for Watt for the whole device 8 -> Meter Report for kWh for the whole device 256 -> Meter Report for Watt for clamp 1 512 -> Meter Report for W

I want to have information from each clamp separately. (W, kWh, A, V)
Calculated value from manual is 4144911
What shuld I put to 101, 102 and 103 setting in Habmin?
Please help

I want to write my problems more clearly:
1 Description of parameters is incorrect in HABMin. Also it is not full (ended on letter “W”).
2 The most important - looks like open HABMIN cant set parameter 101 to such a big value as 4144911. I have no problems with smaller value, but i cant configure anything about Ampers reporting. Please help how to solve or may be another utility to set this value?

My device is DSB28 firmware 1.7.
Please help. Looks like configuration part in habmin is from G1, but this devices have different configuration parameters. Needed to fix it.

Still no result. Please help.

Please feel free to update the database to resolve the issues -:

If you have an account just let me know and I’ll give you edit access.


Sorry, I dont have account yet.
Now I see the problem: parameters 101-103 (4 bytes long) can have a maximum value 1061109567 not 65535.

So how can I change it? If i change it on your site, how I can insert it to my habmin? I just created an account - NorthStar, but not shure that I understand that system well. I still cant run Habmin on my OH server because of windows server platform, so I use it very rarely only to configure zwave devices ((

I thought you just created an account (someone did with the name NorthStar so I gave them edit rights - was that NOT you?).

Update the database, and then we can create a new binding with the updated database. You will then need to update to the new use the binding.

Yes. I just created an account. I will try to do it tomorrow. Now is 2 AM in my city((

I just changed the maximum size of parameter 101-103. What I should do next to have it on my HABMIN?

We need to update the binding - unfortunately just at the moment the builds are not working so we’ll need to wait till this is resolved.

I hope now it is a new build that I can use. I just need to copy jar file to addons directory, or it is another way of install?

I did a full reinstall of OH from latest relise from the link, but no succsess. I cant enter to parameters more than 65535.
Please help (

It might depend on what package manager you’re using (if any) - it might take a bit longer for downstream packages to update (just a guess).

I downloaded from the link
So I dont use any manager or script. I work on Windows
Can It be some Habmin restriction - that it cant work with values more than 65535?

I don’t know then - it might just not have made it through yet. It’s definitely been updated yesterday -:

I would try again tomorrow to see if it’s flowed through.

The right link that I use is
It can be that I do something not right. Also I try uninstall and install of zwave binding from Paper UII