Aeon labs 5 in 1 node initialising ping

Trying to get network set back up…having issues with this 5 in 1 sensor…what does node initialising ping mean? It’s hit and miss…I got it to be recognized moving it near the controller. I put it outside…now it’s not reporting. I’ve rebooted OH2, hit the zwave button on the device bunches of times…sometimes i see it showing up in the log…most times i don’t. In habmin it just says Initialising ping.

It’s a battery device - it will do this until the device wakes up which will take a few hours or days - depending on your device configuration (probably hours for most people - not days).

If it was working before, don’t fret - just leave it and it should sort itself out.

Thanks chris!
i shall wait it out.

We recently redid the OS, Reinstalled OH2, and a new gen zstick so there’s lots of lovely things to troubleshoot with all 30 nodes.