Aeon Labs Aeotec Smart Dimmer 2nd Edition Working?

Has anyone gotten this dimmer working with OpenHAB? Below are my Configs, and I am not getting a response in my sitemap. The slider does not appear to be working. Thanks ahead for any input.

Dimmer Basement_Dimmer “Basement Dimmer [%s %%]” {zwave=“25:command=SWITCH_MULTILEVEL,respond_to_basic=true,refresh_interval=15”}

Frame label=“Basement Dimmer” {
Slider item=Brightness


I don’t have the device, but it looks like it should be ok to me. One comment though, I would remove the refresh_interval part of the command - this is generally a bad idea (especially at 15 seconds). I believe this device should support Associations, so you should use this to report status updates, and not use polling as that will potentially choke the network.

Hey @chris, thanks for the reply.

Is there any way to get a horizontal slide on the sitemap? Right now, I have two icons, an up and a down arrow, that are unresponsive.


If you use the Slider widget in the sitemap, it should do what you want.