Aeon Labs Gen5 Siren?

Hey all,

So I am assuming that zwave 1.8.2 and lower binding does not support changing the siren sounds as i am getting “No converter found for item”.

Can anyone concur?


I have this siren and never did find out to change the sounds or volume via openHAB. It doesn’t give me any errors but I am only turning it on and off with the default sound and volume.

What are you doing to try and change the sounds?

Hi Drew,

I did the typical variants of below per the manuals instructions.

Switch  Upper_Level_Siren_Sound0  "Siren Sound %.0f"  (gAlarmSystem)  {zwave="12:command=configuration, value1=0"}
Switch  Upper_Level_Siren_Sound1  "Siren Sound %.0f"  (gAlarmSystem)  {zwave="12:command=configuration, value1=1"}
Switch  Upper_Level_Siren_Sound2  "Siren Sound %.0f"  (gAlarmSystem)  {zwave="12:command=configuration, value1=2"}
Switch  Upper_Level_Siren_Sound3  "Siren Sound %.0f"  (gAlarmSystem)  {zwave="12:command=configuration, value1=3"}
Switch  Upper_Level_Siren_Sound4  "Siren Sound %.0f"  (gAlarmSystem)  {zwave="12:command=configuration, value1=4"}
Switch  Upper_Level_Siren_Sound5  "Siren Sound %.0f"  (gAlarmSystem)  {zwave="12:command=configuration, value1=5"}

No joy.

Jay, I don’t have this hardware but it looks to me that you’re making the same mistake as I did when I started using openhab.

You have the config (e.g. value=2) in the item definition, but I think its a normal configuration value, and should therefore be set with habmin. Of course, that means it won’t be programatically changeable - configuration values never are - so you would have to choose one you like then stick with it.