Aeon Labs Micro Motor Controller Zwave channels

I recently purchased an Aeon labs Micro Motor Controller to control a motorized curtain rod. The device showed up in paper ui, but there wasn’t anything to control. Looking at the database entry I noticed that there aren’t any channels defined.

I’m still very inexperienced with openhab 2. Is there a way to use a modified entry for zwave things? I feel I could probably piece together the correct channel definitions from looking at similar motor controllers like the fgrm222, but don’t feel comfortable submitting that to a public database yet.

Thanks for the help.

If there are no channels defined either that device doesn’t have Command Classes that are supported by the binding or there is a problem with the entry in the database. The zwave binding is not really set up to define your own channels.

Thank you. That is about what I had gathered from the matter. I uploaded my xml node file to the database. It at least shows the channels in the database now. I’m guess it still requires a Pull Request to the github repo before the online snapshot distro gets the database change since my Thing still doesn’t have the channels now listed in the database.

I wasn’t sure if I could export the Openhab2 configuration file from the database and apply that locally somehow while waiting for the database changes to get pushed out. Well aside from creating a dev environment and building the zwave binding with the updated item xml.

I don’t either but chris is usually really fast with getting updates to the DB into the builds.