Aeon Labs - Multi Sensor 4 in 1 - No Neighbors

In runtime 183 of openhab.

I had this sensor working.
Batteries died
I changed them

Now it wont communicate
It’s added to the zwave network, but neighbors list is empty
Looking at the log i see this

2016-11-10 18:10:22.322 [ERROR] [NodeNeighborUpdateMessageClass] - NODE 27: NodeNeighborUpdate FAILED
2016-11-10 18:12:40.940 [ERROR] [eController$ZWaveReceiveThread] - Protocol error (CAN), resending
2016-11-10 18:12:41.053 [ERROR] [eController$ZWaveReceiveThread] - Protocol error (CAN), resending
2016-11-10 18:12:41.160 [ERROR] [eController$ZWaveReceiveThread] - Protocol error (CAN), resending
2016-11-10 18:15:17.864 [WARN ] [z.i.p.c.ZWaveMeterCommandClass] - Unsupported Command 0x00 for command class METER (0x32).
2016-11-10 18:18:18.560 [ERROR] [.s.container.ContainerResponse] - The RuntimeException could not be mapped to a response, re-throwing to the HTTP container
java.lang.NullPointerException: null

Any ideas why this is happening?



The error isn’t that the neighbour list is empty - the error is that the request to get the list has failed. It’s hard to tell what’s going on without seeing a debug log, but I would say there’s something wrong with the dongle. Try resetting it, or removing it from the PC and plugging it back in again to see if that helps.