Aeon Labs RGB Bulb zwave item binding

Hey, I just got my first 2 devices working! so am very happy.

I only seem to be able to get my bulb here working as a switch.

I am reading the instructions here:
but cant make heads or tails of how to get the item file working as a full dimable colour wheel.

In the code below, the RGBbulb as a switch on zwave=4 works fine as an on/off but the RGBbulbFull as a colorwheel doesnt do anything. There is lots of info about sending parameter 37 and 38 as a binary string of 4 bytes to the bulb but im not sure how to write that. I also can set these up in Openhab or straight inside the items file.


Group	Bedroom
Switch	ZwaveDevice1	"My Cool Device! 1"	<switch>	(Bedroom)		{ zwave="5" }
Switch	RGBbulb	"My Bulb"	<switch>	(Bedroom)		{ zwave="4" }
Color	RGBbulbFull	"My Bulb Full"	<colorwheel>	(Bedroom)		{ zwave="4" }

The color command class is not supported in OH1 - it will be (is) supported in OH2.

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ah thanks, Ill wait for that then, or install OH2.

Hi Chris,

is there any other way to control the rgb-colors of the bulb?
Can i write a rule to control them? (Workarround to the color command class).

Thank you for your support!

No - I don’t think there’s another way - sorry.