Aeon Labs Smart Switch 6 Gen5 - Node Dead

I’ve got an Aeon Labs Smart Switch 6 Gen5 paired with the ZStick Gen5.

This node is in my garage, pretty far from the controller but it has multiple routes back to the controller.

Nevertheless it keeps grtting marked as dead after a few hours. I’ve got other nodes right next to it, working fine.

It does drop quite a few packets but no more than some other nodes I have.

Running openhab 1.7.1.

Any ideas?

I would guess that there aren’t multiple routes back to the controller - at least, not good routes. If the device is being marked DEAD, then it normally means that communication is not reliable and messages are timing out.

There is no way to know the routes unfortunately, so I would try moving devices around to see if things improve…


Probably chasing a wild goose here, but did you pair it with your controller in its current location (garage) or somewhere else and later move it to the garage ? Theory being if you paired it somewhere else, its neighbors are from that location and not necessarily the “good ones” right next to the current location. It might be trying to relay through nodes which are quite far away.

I think a “network heal” might remedy this (?? @chris ). Have you done that ?

If the device is going dead, then it is highly likely doing a heal automatically…

However, in theory, the routing should sort itself out without doing a heal. The heal does do some routing though, although to be honest I have doubts that it’s necessary…

Worth doing, but my guess is that it won’t help, but give it a try…

When controlling it from the UI does it work? I have had nodes that showed dead at times but worked fine. At some point I found out that Aeotech has recommended settings that are now working well for me. None of the nodes show up dead anymore. What are the parameters for this switch?

Interesting thought…

A node will only go dead if there are timeouts - ie the device doesn’t respond to a request. This is a function within the binding…

This can either be caused by communications problems (ie the device doesn’t get the request) or a configuration problem in the database (eg requesting a parameter that the device doesn’t know about), or an incorrectly configured item (eg requesting a command class that the device doesn’t support).

If it’s happening all the time, then it could be one of the latter, if it’s happening periodically, then it’s more likely to be caused by communication problems that come and go due to the time of day (eg if the tv is on or not, temperature, etc…).

I’ve done plenty of network heals and I’ve even put another node right next to it to facilitate communication (Leviton appliance module) but still it’s dying every few hours. There are definitely dropped packets but I don’t understand how I can improve it short of moving the controller which is my next experiment.

Just clarifying, you mentioned that it keeps going dead every few hours…what are you doing which brings it back to “life” ? or is that too an apparently random thing independent of your actions ?

Only restarting openHAB resurrects it, however briefly.

I guess you need to check the logs to see what’s happening and see if there’s any common message that’s causing the timeout etc. Without the logs I’m afraid we’re just speculating…