Aeon Labs Z-Stick Setup

I switched from an Aeon Lab Z-Stick 2 to Z-Stick Gen5 yesterday and now my Aeon Lab 4in1 sensors is only registering as a Sensor_binary instead of sensor_multilevel liked it did before. Can anyone help?

Can you describe what you actually mean by this?

NODE 21: Generating poll message for SENSOR_MULTILEVEL, endpoint 0

19:46:36.262 [DEBUG] [veMultiLevelSensorCommandClass:247  ] - NODE 21: Node doesn't support get requests for MULTI_LEVEL_SENSOR
19:46:36.264 [WARN ] [.b.z.i.c.ZWaveConverterHandler:250  ] - NODE 21: Generating message failed for command class = SENSOR_MULTILEVEL

This message doesn’t mean that SENSOR_MULTILEVEL isn’t supported. In fact, it shows it IS supported. What this message means is that it’s not possible to poll the device for an update - the device can only send updates itself (normally when configured with an association).

Thanks for the response. I reset the sensor and all is working better. I do have one other issue with a sensor. I am getting the following issue

No database entry: Homeseer [ID:1,Type:4]

How does stuff get entered into the database?

If the device really isn’t in the database, then the best thing is to add it here. If you think it is in the database, but just isn’t being detected, then it might just be a case of updating the references which I can quickly do.

The device is in the database as EZMultiPli but apparently not being recognized

Yep - the definition looks fine. What version of the binding are you using (OH1 or 2)?

I am using Binding 1.8.1