Aeon Labs Z-Wave Stick Gen5+ where to buy

Does anyone know from Germany or Austria where I can buy the Aoen Labs Z-Wave Stick Gen5+?
I don’t find any shop :frowning:

I have currently the Gen5 but with my new Raspberry PI4 it does not work anymore.

What does that mean ?

  • hope that the Gen5+ will work with your PI4 ?
  • know that the Gen5 in combination with PI4 is the root cause that it does not work with your PI4 ?

See this thread:

The Gen5 does not work anymore with the PI4.
At least my model.

Aoen Labs has created a new stick Gen5+ who is working with the PI4.

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My Z-Stick Gen5 works on RPI4 with a USB 2.0 hub.
Nevertheless, I have bought a Gen5+ stick via Amazon Germany some time ago as backup.
Mostly, it’s sold out, but you can put it on your wishlist and will be notified if it’s available again.

Thanks, I know that it is working with a USB 2.0 Hub. Have ordered one now for the meantime.

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