AEON LED Bulb ZW098-C55 Item


I want to integrate my Aeon LED Bulb. I paired it with my Z-Wave Binding (Node 10). Unfortunatly my item definition seems to be wrong. What is the correct command to turn it on or off?

Color KR__Bulb_Switch "Aeon Glühbirne" <switch> (KR,Lampen) { zwave="10:command=switch_binary"}


I think you need to make it a Switch, not a Color. I don’t think the OH1 zwave binding supports Color, and even if it did using “command=switch_binary” would be incorrect in that case anyway.


Do you know what the COLOR item binding would be for OH2?

I’ve been tracking the ZWave Color support, and it sounds like it’s close or recently added, but I cannot get it to work.

I sadly have little experience with OH 2 and have not kept up with all of the latest developments so I cannot answer.

The binding strings are done automatically in OH2. When creating items, there are 3 channels defined - Color, Color Temperature, and Dimmer. Color is obviously color, and color temperature and dimmer are both dimmer types. In OH2, you can’t just use any item type and you should stick to the ones that are presented in the UI.

You can follow the OH2 testing in the following link - feel free to ask any questions…