Aeon Smart Switch 6 not staying turned on in a rule

Hi all,

I made rules to turn the switch on at a certain time and then off at a certain time (i want to use it to automate my garden watering pump). But the rule doesnt work properly. The rule turns the switch on but after a second thew switch turns off (i.e. it doesn’t stay turned on). What am i doing wrong?


First of all, it would be better to post the rule here, because none of us is a mentalist :wink:

Please keep in mind to post code within code fences (second button from right at the very top of the editor. Or just type three backticks before and after the code:

Code goes here

Obviously, the backticks will not apear in the posting…

Hi Udo,

Thank you for your response. I used the experimental rule engine so i didnt code anything manually. Does the rule engine create a rule file somewhere?


No, there is no other way than posting pictures :frowning: from every step, the rule is made.

Unfortunately, I did not use experimental rules engine yet, so I doubt I can help.

Hi Udo,

Ok thanks. I made a few screenshots of the first rule which should turn on the switch at 6 am in the morning. Then i have another rule which should turn it off after 15 minutes. But as mentioned earlier, the rule turns it on but after 1 second the switch turns back off (and doesnt stay on).

I hope these screenshots help :slight_smile:Thanks again for your kind help.


Maybe i need to code the rules manually? But i dont know how to do that. Do you have any examples of simple rules to switch on things that could guide me?

Thanks again.

I would start by having a read through the documentation. and

The section on time based triggers is probably what you’re looking for.
For turning it off you can either set a timer (the Expire binding would probably be handy here) or if you always want it to turn on at 6am and run for 15 minutes, simply set your off rule for 6:15.

The OH1 wiki also has a good selection of sample rules that might help you get the hang of things.

I guess you defined other times for switching OFF in the very same rule? This will not work as expected. You will have to define a Rule for switching ON and another rule for switching OFF.

Is it OpenHab that sends the off signal? Have you verified that the load on the Switch is within limits? I tried using that switch on something that pulled to much watt and it ended up turning itself off right away.

Thank you all very much for your help. I will review all the instructions.

@lifedown710: I only connected a simple kitchen radio (to test the rule) so there was no high load, and i don’t really know if the OH sends the off signal but it kinda looked like the switch itself just turned off… I will check the logs if OH sent an off command.