Aeon Z-Stick Gen5 stopped including devices?


since today my Aeon Z-Stick Gen5 refuses to include new nodes. When I push the button on the device the LED blinks 1x blue and then red. Then it stops. No inlcusion is performed. When I trigger inclusion via OH I only get the error message that inlcusion failed.
Has anyone experienced this behaviour and could advise what to do (besides resetting the stick and reincluding all nodes manually) ?

The issue was solved by Aeon support where I had opened a ticket.
I just share the solution for other people here that might face this situation: Use the Zensys tool from Aeon, and there is an option to make the stick to SUC. After doing this inclusion worked fine again.

Worth to mention that support from Aeon was really awesome. I opened the ticket yesterday on Saturday afternoon and got the reply today on Sunday morning with a working solution. Great!

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