Aeon z stick issue

I have a Gen 5, /dev/TTYACM0 set in configuration file. I cannot get it recognized in habmin. Running 1.7.1, with 1.8 zwave binding. No duplicate binding. I have searched all over the wonderful internet, but to no avail. Seems like a lot of others have no problems with it, what am I doing wrong? Also checked /dev folder to make sure it’s the correct port, which it is.

I just had the same issue. Did you add the user to the group like this says?

Here is the command to add the user. Note that I didn’t have a user called openhab, in my case I’m logged into and running openhab as user1

sudo usermod -a -G dialout openhab

Where do I enter this?

Also, what is the best install walkthrough? I can’t ssh into my pi because I have windows 7 home, and there is a workaround that doesn’t work for me either, so I need a good walkthrough…I’ve installed , well I lost count how many times I’ve done installs in the past few days. So many walkthrough are just so vague, doesn’t seem like they really want to help those who are really new to this.

Why are you saying that you cannot ssh from windows 7 home ? Just download and install putty which is a free ssh client.
If you don’t check openhab.log you cannot know what is the problem.

Because I didn’t know that. Like I said, the documentation our there is not real beginner friendly.

I’m far from a Linux expert but you need to enter this at a command prompt. On my system, which is not a raspberry, it’s a full PC with keyboard, mouse and screen, and a full desktop UI, I get to the terminal by hitting Crtl-Alt-T. You will need to get somewhat familiar with terminal commands, especially using a raspberry. That is why I started with a full sized computer, eventually I’ll tackle a raspi.

Thanks for your help. I’ll know this eve if it worked or not.

Another tip on connecting devices. Once you get the stick working take a look at this thread. You will need to use Habmin, at least I did, to “see” the device, it will show up as Node 1. Habmin is also not very well documented so good luck there, you will just have to make google your friend in figuring it out. Good luck.

I downloaded openhab just to play, and it’s going to be sooooooo much simpler…can’t wait until it’s ready for public use.