Aeon Z-stick loses a battery controller node and fails to include

First: this turned out not being OH2 related (even though it did receive some unfriendly thoughts early on :slight_smile: )

Story is this: all of a sudden one of my Nodon CWS-3100 battery wall remote stopped functioning.
It went completely dark, and I ended up excluding it, re-including , but nothing showed up in the inbox.
Nothing showed up in the zwave binding DEBUG log either. (yes, tried with a fresh battery also)
I took it back to the dealer (6 mnds old) and got a new one, being confident the radio section was broken.
To my surprise the new device acted just the same. My Aeon Z-stick Gen 5 received nothing.
I ended up pulling the stick and included with the button on the stick. Had to try 5-6 times before a got a long blue-blink.
Back in OH2 it showed up in the inbox, but would never initialize, and no sign of any incoming messages in the DEBUG log.
Now, I knew I hade 5-6 dead nodes on the stick and a total of 46 working nodes with no backup since I started in February, so feeling the stick was about to maybe give up I backed it up using:
Aeon backup SW
With the backup in place, I felt more confident trying to fix the matter of the zombie nodes on the stick.
Next firing up Zensys-tools and following these instructions I was able to get rid of all zombie nodes.
One node in particular took several attempts to get rid of, and I feel that this node could have messed things up on the stick.
Prior to removing them, no traffic from the Nodon could be seen in Zensys either.
I did a new factory reset of the Nodon, and started inclusion from Zensys. This time it seems to work better.
I got a green LED flash from the Nodon after 1+2, 1 sequence and every key pressed registerred in Zensys.

Back at OH2; popped up in Inbox, but listed as Unknown. Woke it up maybe 20-30 times, but DEBUG log showed that the init sequence started, but did not finish. At this time I was 1m from the stick with a wooden floor between.

Next, I took the Nodon down to the stick and tried again with a spacing of just 5cm.
I watched the DEBUG log on a laptop, and after just a few keys pressed it was fully initialized and the xml file was serialized. Success at last!

Now I’m happy my Nodon wall switch is back in service, and my Z-stick is backed up which is a good thing because 3-4 of my nodes are hard to get to for a fresh pairing.

Hope this rather lengthy post can help som other frustrated soul some day :slight_smile:

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