Aeon ZW098 Light Bulb - How do you change the Config Parameters from Rules and Sitemaps?

I’ve some Aeotec ZW098 Light Bulbs and I’m fine with the syntax for configuring the Channels, eg:
Sitemap Item - using Mappings

Switch item=gKitchen_LA_RGB label="Colour" mappings=["40,90,70"="White", "0,100,100"="Red", "240,100,100"="Blue"]

Rule - send command


According to the CD Jackson DB entry , there are a range of Configuration Parameters that can also be set.

I can change these values in Paper UI (by editing the Thing) and see the effects, but I’m unsure what the correct syntax is to modify these values from a:

  • Sitemap Item
  • Rules

Eg - How would I go about modifying

Parameter 37

  • Colour Transition from “single color mode, smooth colour transitions” (Option Value “0”) to “rainbow mode with smooth color transitions” (Option Value “1”), and
  • Colour Change Speed from “15” to “150”


You would need to modify the device database to include a Channels to modify the configuration parameters. You’d then need to wait for the next version of the binding to be released. Look at the Zooz ZEN31 for an example.

I would think it could be done through the REST API. That is how the UI communicates with OpenHAB.

Like everything OpenHAB there is more than one way to do it.

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The OP asked for a solution that would work for rules and sitemaps, so they’d need an Item linked to a Channel. The REST API would work for rules, but not for sitemaps.


An Item on a sitemap could trigger a rule. That was my thought.

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Thanks - I will give the REST API method a go (and can already trigger rules from a dummy item so that will not be a hindrance). Found this thread as a basis, Thing configuration from rules - just need to work out the values etc…

There is no official way to do this - I did propose this as an enhancement in the past, but it was discussed a number if times in the past and a couple of PRs were proposed in ESH but rejected.

See for example -:

The bottom line statement was -:

I’d therefore suggest to close it as a “won’t do” and thus enforce the separation of the physical and the functional layer and make people stick to it (knowing that certain things then cannot be done through rules). But that’s just my opinion, the other maintainers might see it differently.

The REST API is about the only way to do this generically - ie to control any parameter. However I’m not sure that will work once security is added (I’ve not tried, but I suspect there may be an issue authenticating).

As @5iver states, we can add some parameters that are regularly used, and are kind of “user focussed” as channels via the ZWave database, but we can’t just add channels for every parameter so this is not a general solution.


I doubt the parameters I was playing with would be used regularly (even by me) so a channel at this point is probably not needed.

I went back looking at what the Aeotec Bulb could do after testing the “Wiz Lighting” WiFi Bulbs binding. It too has pre-configured “Scenes”, and in this case they are exposed by it’s binding so it’s easy to see what they do with a single instruction. It looks like these Aeotec Bulbs also have similar abilities so I was just poking around to see what they can do (looks like a fair bit).

Shame the PRs were rejected, but I don’t have the OH background to argue one way or another. When I find some time I’ll poke around the Rest API and report back.

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