Aeon ZW100-A multisensor - Temperature treshold


I am running OH2 Beta 5 and do not get the Temperature Threshold right. I have read multiple topics about this on the forum to configure the setting 41 right in the Aeon ZW100-C multi sensor but I am lost here. According the template it has to be a value between 1 and 100 however most of the times it is not accepted. I have seen values auto filled after applying it : 20, 257, 5121 .

Simply said, I would like to have a temperature reading sent if there is a difference of 0,5 degree Celcius. What would be the magical number I have to enter?

Probably this is a stupid question - for which I apologize in advance ;-).



I always fight with these values, too. So, no stupid question. :slight_smile:

Have you tried to enter the value with the decimal delimiter, like eg. 5.0?


I have to come back to this issue.
I have 4 Aeon ZW100, Firmware 1.8 and 1.12
I try to make them sending temperature value by threshold, but no chance.
All other values are ok, luminance for example.
Sending periodicly also works fine
Target is to let them send on 0.2C threshold.
So the value for config parameter 41 should be “2”
I also tried 2.0…

Thanks in advance