Aeon Zwave Stick Gen 5 + Plus

Do you want me to contact Zooz or will you get Scott to do it.?

Please feel free Bruce - thanks :+1:

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Zooz support is checking meanwhile I will be getting a sample stick for testing with OH.

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Zooz had sent me two, but neither are fully functional in OH. The latest one had a firmware that reportedly was tweaked to be more backwards compatible.

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Sorry. I did not think about that. I notice the stick page mentions some sort of serial mode.

I just got the stick & the manual says it uses what they call Serial AIP mode. Here is the doc on that.

That’s fine, but the problem is that the serial API for the 700 chips has not been published. Currently only the old 500 series is available and there are a few changes with the 700 series. The 700 document is currently in review by the ZWave Alliance and is not released. I was told about a month ago it should be out “any day”, but that day has not yet arrived.

Unless the device has been modified to be compliant with the old 500 series serial API, it will not work properly.

OK I was just getting ready to try it. I have a couple of other new devices for the database though.

Zooz support indicated they thought other free products had some support. I guess they reverse engineered?

Quite possibly. As I’ve stated elsewhere when this is discussed, I don’t really want to get into reverse engineering (again). This document was originally meant to be released mid last year, so I was trying to avoid wasting time with guesswork.

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700 Series stick shows online & trying to add a device shows it as online but cannot determine the manufacturer. So, even with the SerialAPI is it not supported or functional in openHAB;

Again, the SerialAPI used in the 700 series is different to that used in the older (500 and 300 series) devices.

I would have expected basic functions to work though - such as getting the manufacturer information.

No worries. I have a couple of other Zooz devices to test & enter in the database. Somebody here just pinged me on another new one too.