Aeotec Door Bell Best Practices

Hi All. I’m a beginner and need some help moving forward, and moving forward correctly. There are a small handful of other threads about this device, but I couldn’t find anything that was all encompassing. I’ve purchased the Aeotec Door bell unit (ZW056-A) from Aeon Labs, and like most users, my objective is to play certain sounds when specific events (trigger conditions occur). I’ve included the device in my network, am able to successfully test/activate it via habmin, and have loaded my custom sound files to the device. I can change the parameter for default ringtone, and can hear my custom sounds when I test the device. So far so good. I even made a simple rule though PaperUI to “turn the item ON” when a sensor’s status is changed, and that worked successfully.

I now need some help on creating the rules, and I also want to make sure my item entry (entries?) are correct. At this time, I only have one item created for the device

Switch alert_speaker_downhall "Downstairs Speaker" <alarm> {channel="zwave:device:e7beb898:node11:switch_binary"}

. I should echo my earlier statement that I’m a true beginner with little experience with item and rule file creation:

EXAMPLE SCENARIO - I want to play ringtone 7 when “back_door_sensor” is changed from “CLOSED” to “OPEN” at volume 10, at one repetition.

Can someone please offer guidance as to proper item definition(s) needed, and proper rule(s) definition needed to accomplish this? Thanks so much!

After the network heal has run, I now encounter the “multiple plays” that was mentioned in another thread (Aeon Labs ZW056 doorbell). When my test rule fires (which was calling the basic switch_binary item I created, without parameters), or when I flip the switch in HABmin to test, the device plays the sound several times in quick succession (I assume once from each of its neighbors). I wasn’t sure if the solution discussed in the mentioned thread is applicable to this since I’m not calling any parameters, or how this should be addressed.