Aeotec DSC19 Send state changes without controlling load

Hey Gang,
I have an Aeotec DSC19 “Micro Smart Illuminator G2” ZWave dimmer managing a series of lights via ZWave and a physical momentary press wall switch. In addition to the dimming functionality that the DSC19 provides, I’d also like to programmatically control the color temperature of the light. I need to retain the ability to turn the lights on/off with a physical wall switch to maintain WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor).

I’ve replaced the bulbs with Philips Hue downlights which meet my need for programmatic color temperature control. However, this introduces two switches in serial, the DSC19 and the individual bulbs themselves.

One solution would be to rewire the electric, such that current is always delivered to the Hue bulbs. The DSC19 would remain powered and connected to the physical wall switch, but would no longer control the electrical load for the light. An OpenHAB rule could listen for a state change of the DSC19 via the ZWave binding and mirror that state to the Hue Bulbs via the Hue binding.

I’d rather a software solution causing the DSC19 to always deliver current to the Hue bulbs regardless of state change via the physical wall switch, sending Zwave notifications of state changes only. This would allow for an OpenHAB rule to mirror the state to the Hue bulbs without interrupting their power, and most importantly keeps me out of electrical boxes.

Grasping at straws I changed the “External Button Mode” setting of the DSC19 from “Momentary Press” to “Three Way Switch” – A setting that I believe is intended for use when you have a second DSC19 controlling the same load with a runner. Changing this setting appears to be a partial solution, electrical current continues to be supplied to the Hue bulbs despite pressing the physical switch, however it doesn’t appear that the DSC19 is sending ZWave messages when the physical switch is pressed.

Can anyone else think of a method to keep the DSC19 supplying the load with current while communicating state changes of the external switch (physical wall switch) back to the controller?

Apologies, I should have looked closer. I am receiving state changes from the DSC19 via ZWave when “External Button Mode” == “Three Way Switch” while wired as a single switch.

This should work well to leverage the physical wall switch to turn the Hue bulbs On/Off via OH rule. This will not be sufficient to use the physical watch switch as a dimmer for the Hue bulbs.

Closing the loop here for anyone in a similar situation later: I’ve broken into the electrical box and rewired to power the hue bulbs regardless of DSC19 state (The DSC19 is no longer supplying power to the lights). Rules are written to sync the state of the DSC19 and the Hue bulbs. Working very well so far for ON/OFF and Dimming via the physical momentary press switch.