Aeotec Dual Nano Switch missing a channel?

Having recently acquired an Aeotec Dual Nano switch, I have realised that the database might be missing a channel regarding the power metering.

Looking at the available channels for this device in Paper UI there is seem to generally be three groups of items related to the power metering option. There is:

  • a group for Switch 1 (channels end in 1 eg zwave:device:xxxxxxxx:node21:meter_kwh1),
  • a group for Switch 2 (channels end in 2 eg zwave:device:xxxxxxxx:node21:meter_kwh2), and
  • a group which must be an amalgamation of the data for both switches (don’t end in any number eg zwave:device:xxxxxxxx:node21:meter_kwh).

While there are channels for zwave:device:xxxxxxxx:node21:meter_reset and ‘’‘zwave:device:xxxxxxxx:node21:meter_reset2’’’, there is no ‘’‘zwave:device:xxxxxxxx:node21:meter_reset1’’’

Not urgent as everything else works fine but just wondering the best way to have this checked by someone who might know more about it. Happy to do whatever if just pointed in the right direction.

Advice and guidance appreciated

Which one, there are three in the database.

This is normally targeted to endpoint 0. If you set your config parameters to use the basic command class this is the channel being used.
The others are for multilevel command classes.
Check your manual if this device needs to be configured to use either command class.

Just try it. Which channel gets resetted if you hit a linked switch?