Aeotec Dual nano switch problems

I’ve just installed an Aeotec dual nano switch to control two lighting circuits, but I’m having a bunch of weird problems…

Firstly, after including the device Openhab said it couldn’t communicate with it, and when I ran Zentools, I was getting connection issues as well - so I moved some devices and that seemed to fix the issue and in Openhab it managed to interrogate the device and work out what it is.

Now, the odd thing is that despite me setting up two items and entries on a sitemap - the device refuses to respond to my commands to turn on or off… but if I plug the controller into my PC and use Zentools - I can issue a “switch all on” command and it works and then turn them off.

I’m at a loss what to try next. This is is the 140 type (without the power metering) and it looks like it’s firmware is 2.00

I’ve checked my items and sitemap files and they all look correct and pass - so any ideas on what I can try next would be appreciated!

Please have a read of the binding docs. There is a section there about when things don’t go right - you should enable the debug logging to see what’s happening. You can then use the log viewer to view the logs, or discuss them here.

Thanks Chris, it seems that a clean of the openhab temp files and a reboot sorted it all out.

I believe that fundamentally, the communications between the switch and the controller wasn’t great. I moved a signal extender/repeater and that worked - but not straightaway which probably added to the confusion. I’ve turned that logging on now so should be able to more easily spot issues. Are the tools built into Habmin any good for looking at topoology maps/zwave devices? I did try to install that the other week - but it seemed to cause issues with my items and sitemaps - so in the end removed it.