Aeotec Home Energy Meter not updating

I just added my Aeotec DSB28 G2. Paper UI says it’s online, and I can configure parameters and I even see the current watt usage. However, the W and kWh does not change after the first value received. It seems it never updates. It only updates when I click the “Refresh Items” button. How should I go about and debug this?

It seems W and kWh does update, but only 2 times per hour. I have set the config parameters like this guy: [Z-Wave] Home Energy Monitor readings will not update

Not sure what I’m doing wrong. I assume that the 2-per-hour updates are ones that are triggered by OH, and not by the energy meter… The energy meter should report whenever there are small changes (5%) in the measurements…

Calling @patrik_gfeller :slight_smile:

i just installed the same unit today.
I manged to get some updates when i put “controller” in Group 1 associations.

what do you have there?