Aeotec Keyfob Gen5 in OpenHAB2

Hi @chris,

Please, you could you add the Aeotec Keyfob Gen5 in OpenHAB2 ?

I think it’s already in the database but not approuved. But here is my xml just in case.

node18.xml (5.9 KB)

Thanks !

I was going to drop it in for you, but for some reason I cannot get to the database right now. @chris will have to give it a look.

Database should be back up - not sure what happened, but the server had a ‘wobbly’!.

The device looks complete and your devices IDs are already in the list so I’ll add to the binding tonight…

Thanks @chris I will report tomorrow :slight_smile:

So far so good, the keyfob is now recognised…

But I have problem with channel definition.

I can see 4 channels with the same endpoint:

So the following simple rule produce 4 log entries each time I click the first button


rule "Keyfob (1)"
    Item KF_1_Scene received update 1
    logInfo("something", "1")


Number KF_1_Scene "Porte-clé" { channel="zwave:device:275eecab:node18:scene_number" }

Any ideas ?


I’ll need to check the database - it might not be exporting correctly by the look of it…

Ok, so the issue is that someone had duplicated the channels - one channel for each scene. However, that’s not the way it works (currently!) in OH2. There is only a single channel, and this channel will be updated with the scene number returned by the device.

Hmmm - there may also be another issue with this device in that it’s not reporting the scene command class in the NIF. It might need some code adding to add this - I’ll take a look tonight hopefully, but it might be tomorrow or Thursday.

Hi @chris,

I saw your commits a few hours ago and I have just updated to latest snapshot. I confirm it’s now working !

Thanks a lot !

Great - thanks for the feedback :slight_smile: