Aeotec lightbulb color: LED Bulb 6 Multi-Color. OFF status

Dear all, Chris,

I included an AEOTEC LED Bulb 6 Multi-Color in my configuration.

Works well besides one strange thing:

When I send OFF to the dimmer item, the physical bulb goes off but the dimmer/switch items attached to it in openhab remain ON. The dimmer level is >0. Level is variable depending on initial level, but lower.

If send OFF again, then I get it completely OFF.

Strange behavior. Am I the only one ?

What should I do with this ? Push OFF twice ?? Any better idea ?


It’s probably a ramping dimmer, taking time to go from one state to another. If you ask the device what state it is too quickly after a command, it’ll be in between where it started and where it is going.

Look into making the command poll period a little longer in your Thing. This is where openHAB asks for a “new” status after sending a command.

Worked !

Thank you so much !

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