Aeotec Micro Double Smart Switch Binding for Switch Circuits

I’m trying to get this device to work, with the OH2 snapshot on a Raspberry and a Razberry controller.

The device is recognized and I have been able to control the two load circuits through OH2, but I don’t see any way to utilize the switch circuits.

Using HABmin I can see that the node has Switch, Switch1, and Switch2. When I associate Switch1 and Switch2 with OH2 items, then I can control the load circuits.

I haven’t been able to figure out what the Switch is for, or how to get notified of updates to the switch circuits.

I’d like to be able to associate one of the switches directly with a load circuit so the load circuit can be controlled by either the manual wall switch (old wall switch was used), or be controlled by OH2.

The other circuit I’d like the switch to control a different OH2 item.
I’d use the load circuit only occasionally to reboot the devices connected to that circuit.

Anyone else using this device or have suggestions?


Just a forewarning, not all zwave devices report such updates. I know my GE outlets do not nor does my Linear Dimmer.

Aeotec support said some conflicting things:

  1. S1 will control L1 and S2 will control L2.

  2. Changing config parameter 80 to 2 will update when notifications are sent.

The problem is I’m seeing 1 as not true. I can switch S1 and S2 (the physical switches) and nothing happens. But I can control the load circuits via z-wave.

Next time I’m there I will need to put a meter on the switch inputs just to be sure they are working. Maybe the common wire came unplugged.