Aeotec Multi-Sensor 4in1 ZW074-B - No Configuration in Habmin?

Hey Guys

Just got a couple Aeotec 4in1 multisensors and setup up, working OK but can’t seem to get any configuration parameters up in Habmin. Missing things like wakeup and general configuration parameters…

Also the device type is appearing as a garage door not a ZW074 sensor.

I notice there are some config parameters in the xml file but not appearing in Habmin node11.xml (4.9 KB)

Your device isn’t in the database - I’ll add it tonight and it should solve your problem.

Great- Thanks Chris!

What will I need do to enable the new device?

you need to download the new binding from the cloudbees site and replace the binding that is currently in the addons folder with the one in the nightly snapshot.

hi @chris

i have aeotec 4 in 1 multisensor…
Is it supported in openhab 1.7.0…? (if i used new binding from cludbees)
Is there is any dependency on openhab version…?


It should be supported in the 1.9 snapshot, yes. There are often multiple versions out there so it’s possible that your particular version may not be included in the database, but it’s more likely it will work fine.

If it’s not included it can be added very easily.