Aeotec Multisensor 6 display 50 for all sensor values

Hi group:

I am running OH2 on a RPI3 with the latest nightly build.
I have a Aeotec Gen5 usb gateway, and two Aeotec Multisensor 6 sensors.
I have concerns about one sensor which always reports values of 50 for all of the
sensor readings. The other sensor appears to display correct values for all 6 sensors
except the battery sensor which report a value or 50% battery level even though
both sensor have new batteries. The two sensors are seen as node 8 for the suspect
device and node 2 for the device which appears to report correct values for all but the
battery level.

When I look at the z-wave network map in habmin I notice that the node 2 (the
functioning device) is connected to the gateway and node 8 is connected to
node 2.

I never see any reference to NODE 8 in the log files yet NODE 2 appears frequently.

Any ideas on how to resolve the issues for NODE 8 which continues to report
values of 50 for all sensors.

Thank you.

I would recommend to look at the log file to make sure the information is correctly decoded. This will allow you to decide if the issue is the device or the binding. If it’s the device, then probably about the only thing I can suggest is to reset the device completely to see if it helps.