Aeotec Multisensor 6 motion sensor slow to switch back to closed


Just bought my first z-wave hardware to play with and got them up and running with openHAB this weekend. It’s an Aeotec z-stick gen5 and a aeotec multisensor 6. The motion sensor value changes directly to “open” when it sees me in front of it but the strange thing is that it takes a while for it to switch back to “closed” after I walked away. Shouldn’t it switch back directly to “closed” when I’m out of sight? The other sensors like temperature seems to work fine, not sure how often they update though.


You will need to install Habmin and set the configuration parameters of the sensor. There is a parameter in there which defines how long the motion sensor status OPEN after it has been tripped, I think it defaults to 60s.

I believe the default is 240s (4mins).

I have one and can confirm the default is 240s. It can be changed in Habmin.

Thanks guys! Just got habmin up and running but I can’t find the 240s setting for the sensor anywhere? Also, are there any downsides with setting it to like 1second? Would it for example affect battery life on the sensor or make openHab processing go slow?

This is what I see in habmin:

I’ve not used Habmin1 so I can’t help you too much in terms of the navigation, but in Habmin2 you need to be in the Zwave section - not the items section.

If you set the timeout to 1second and it starts firing messages more frequently then yes obviously the battery life will be reduced. If you’ve got the USB cable plugged in then that might not be a concern.

In Habmin, select Configuration tab, then Bindings, then click on the z-wave binding. This activates the right tab, select Devices. You should see your z-wave devices. To change the parameter, just update its value and then move to another field, Habmin will send the update to z-wave device right away.