Aeotec Nano Shutter configuration problems

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Thanks - it looks ok and I don’t think will cause any problems.

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I’m planning on purchasing the Aeotec nano shutter.

If I understand correctly, the Z-wave binding changed the switch_dimmer to blinds_control channel. Is this available in 2.4 or should I update to 2.5 snapshot?

And with the blinds_control it is now possible to open/close the shutters at a specified percentage?

I have a number of Aeotec Nano Shutters implemented (got rid of the Fibaro FGR-223)
I am using the 2.5 snapshot zwave binding (version from april 26). It uses the blinds_control channel and works fine … with one exception:
moving it to specific percentages via a mapping in the sitemap does not work.

                   mappings=[25="25", 50="50" , 75="75"]

… does not work.
I really do not have a use-case for this at this point in time, so no big deal for me.

Strange enough though … this mapping

                    mappings=[0="AUF", 100="ZU"]

does work.

To me, it looks like every percentage value greater than 0 is interpreted as 100 by the Nano Shutter.

That’s the same problem as OP had with the switch_dimmer.

Use case for me would be to close the blinds partially to block the heat but still let some light in. Summer is coming!

Maybe @chris or @sihui can elaborate?

What happens if you do send a command in a rule?


2.5 snapshot

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Has it been calibrated, or does it require calibration?

I don’t have them yet, just collection some information to see if I want this switch or another brand.

Do you know this @ffr?

It does not require calibration. there is a parameter 35 (Time for left to right, or up to down) that you need to set.

I just tested the rule-case:

rule "test 2"
    Item Test changed to ON

Executing this rule with the blinds completely open closes them to 100%.
Executing this rule with the blinds completely closed does nothing.

Then it is time for debug logs.

I am not a fan of posting logs with secure devices in the public forum. You will get a message.

From my limited knowledge I guess the switch_dimmer needs to be removed completely from the database:

It looks like the Switch_Multilevel command class is updated through both channels. switch_dimmer and blinds_control.
But I’m not sure …

Hi folks,

What’s the status regarding this issue?
I just bought an Aeotec Nano Shutter and cannot set any position value between 0 and 100.
Here’s my actual config:
• Aeotec Nano Shutter
• OpenHAB 2.5.0.M2 (edit: same with today’s Snapshot)
• Paper UI with Thing channel: “Blinds Control” linked to my item.
• I clocked my roller shutter and set the “35: Moving time left to right” value to 15.

Any value (ie. 67) that I input in the Blinds Control field get reverted to 100.