Aeotec Nanomote Quad scenes

OH 3.1.0M5
CentOS 8

Trying to set up a Nanomote as a controller to open and close a garage door. I’ve got it working but I haven’t figured out one problem. To keep it simple the rule triggers when any of the four buttons is pressed. If the last button set it to 2.0 and button 2 is pressed nothing happens. I’d like to trigger on any button press even if it that would be the same scene as the last button press.

Is there any way to set that scene number to null or empty so the next button press will always be a change to the scene number?

Yes, there are a couple of ways you can have the scene number reset after a button click. A adding a reset command to the rule that runs on button presses or using the expire metadata would be two common examples.

However, in this case there’s an even easier option. Understand that there is a difference between the rule triggers for “item changed” and “item received command”. Every time you press a button on the nanomote, the associated OH item receives that command. Only if that new command is different than the current state does the item then register a change. So, in this case if your scene rule just uses the “received command” trigger you don’t even have to worry about resetting the scene item, the rule will run with every button press.

That sounds promising. Can’t currently test either method but I’ll poke around soon and see if I can get it behaving like I want.