Aeotec Siren Gen5 - Anyone ever get tone selection to work?

Has anyone ever gotten the tone selection to work on this thing? The configuration parameters do not work as documented. With the Sound and Volume channel, it lets me change the volume, but not any of the 5 siren tones. And using the configuration dropdown in habmin does none of the expected actions.

I use:


to select and play a chosen sound.


You have to plug in the siren via USB, make sure it mounts as a CD and then run the program on it from the mounted CD to see what the available choices are and upload your own if you want.


It’s been a long time since I configured my G5 siren but as far as I can remember I used HABmin.
In the field “Tools” I changed to “Show advanced settings” and in “Configuration Parameters” the
field “37: Sirensound and Volume” was displayed in which I changed value.
The value I wanted I found in the manual at Aeotec.

See my post on another thread for more details on how to make this item make the sound you want and the volume you want (perhaps I should have posted in this more recent thread instead, oh well…)

THANK YOU. Sending those values as commands is exactly what I needed!