Aeotec socket Smart Switch 6 not updating values

Jim thanks for your help…

With your recommendation I was able to close it.

I haven’t been able to get this device updating values properly - much older devices do without a problem, but this one seems exceptionally laggy.

If anyone has sorted it and could post a full set of configurations, that would be most helpful!


Yeah I am still having issues with these. When I restart openHAB I get meter reports from my 3 Smart Switch 6’s. Then after a day or so they stop working. Very odd. The config appears to be fine, since I receive those reports initially, but then they just stop arriving. I wonder if it is something to do with the nightly heal that is causing things to lock up.

@chris - I don’t have debug logs currently as I have turned it off but I have just reenabled and will post the logs here once I capture this event.

thanks, Ben. It’s a shame - such a great device in every other way…

When you restart, do the reports come out regularly, or is it just once or twice? I’m just wondering if the associations are configured correctly (or are stopping)?

Happy to look at the logs, although if it’s just stopping, then there’s probably not so much to see, but it would be good to ensure that there’s nothing the binding is doing to change the device…

The reports come regularly - usually for a day or two. Then they stop.
Will keep logging until it happens and then zip them up and email you.
It is not a biggy, just a little annoying. I am guessing it is the
switch itself, and nothing to do with the binding but hopefully the logs
will confirm that.