Aeotec Trisensor Node is not communicating


I’ve been trying to set up a new Aeotech Trisensor (ZW005) on and off for a few hours now and I’m not having much luck.

I’ve been able to include the sensor but it still shows as an unknown device in Paper UI, it remains in “Offline - Communication_Error” until I wake the device, it briefly communicates then goes offline again. I’ve tried keeping it awake for prolonged periods of time by both pressing the action button regularly to send NIF, and long pressing the action button to put it in to “wake for 5 mins” mode.

I’ve attached a debug log of waking the device to send a NIF, would anyone more familiar with the zwave protocol mind taking a look to see if you can identify an issue?

openhab.log (32.2 KB)

Many thanks in advance

The file shows numerous cancelled messages, possibly due to poor communication. Also since the device is not fully configured the timing seems off between the awake periods and the messages. Since you are talking Paper UI, what version of OH are you on? In the Zwave database the last update to the device indicates OH3.1, so that could be a problem also. What are the device numbers that do appear? Something like 0371:0202:0005:4.61 perhaps?


Hi Bob

Thanks for getting back to me (sorry I didn’t get a notification of your response!).

At the moment the sensor is sitting a couple of inches away from the controller to mitigate communication issues.

At the moment I’m using OpenHAB 2.5.12. I’m happy to upgrade to 3.1, it’s been on my list to do for quite a long while, I’ve just not gotten round to it.

The only device number I can see is zwave:device:8ce57b2c:node32, it’s not consistently showing as online in PaperUI but still an unknown device.

If I trigger the PIR now I see the following entries in the log:

openhab.log (5.0 KB)

The log seems to eliminate the communication possibility.

Because the last update to the device in the DB was 3.1, I would suggest the upgrade since you were planning on it anyway. That will eliminate a number of possibilities. The last stable version is actually 3.2 released in December. Do read the release notes on 3.0 because there were a lot of changes in that transition. It may not be pain free, but if you are going to be adding new zwave devices it will be easier in the long run. You don’t have to use all the OH3 features right away.

Trying to get the device recognized in 2.5 would require DB access and trying a .jar modification. Do you have a zwave binding as a separate .jar in the addons folder?

The device number is not the one I’m looking for. Do you have a node xml file in the userdata/zwave folder?
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