Aeotec WallMote 7 (illumino WallMote 7) Model ZWA022 Support

I have an Aeotec WallMote 7 (ZWA022) which is discovered as a device not listed in the database. I intend to go through the process to add the device to the database although don’t yet have experience adding devices. Has anyone else seen this device supported and/or am I missing something in my analysis that this device is needed in the database? I could not find any existing topics in this forum specifically for this device ZWA022.


I cannot find the device either. Is it discovered with unknown device 0371:0102:0016? You will need the manual and the xml file in var/lib/openhab/zwave. The DB blog tells how to register and get write access.

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Thanks for the reply. It is discovered as: 0371:0102:0016:1.4 , I found the XML file and I’ll follow the blog to attempt to get it added. Thanks for the reply.

I submitted a review request on the zwave database, fingers crossed.

Is there any way that I can manually add a device configuration in my local instance prior to making a zwave database update? In particular I’d like to be able to test some of the parameters because the user manual doesn’t have perfect information on them so I’m leaving out some detail in the DB.

There are two ways that I have used. There could be others; a jar file is just a compressed file and the XML sections do not need compiling. Below is a general outline

First step is to use the DB gear box to export OH2 XML
2A) You could set up maven, down load the current zwave binding code, Add the XML in the right spot and recompile (mvn clean install)
2B) You could download the most recent jar and use the jar update (OH3 uses OH-INF, not ESH-INF)

To use a modified snapshot jar
General outline

  1. Remove UI Zwave binding - Don’t want two running
  2. In karaf feature:install openhab-transport-serial - Needed in most systems, normally installed by UI
  3. Download and place jar in addons (same folder as the openhab-addons-3.3.0.kar)
  4. wait 30 seconds

Lastly I think you are missing some association groups and parameters. This is from the Aeotec support freshdesk
ES - Aeotec WallMote 7_US.pdf (146.5 KB)

Thank you so much for the assistance Bob. I’ve spent the past few hours trying to manually configure my device using a .things file but haven’t gotten there yet. You mention you’ve used “two ways” in your post but I only read one way, using a modified snapshot jar. Do I understand correctly that the “two ways” was a reference on two ways to get the modified snapshot jar?

I’ll give this a try.

The parameter and association group issue is why I wanted to do some local testing, thanks for calling that out. The user guide that I used WallMote 7 user guide : Aeotec Help Desk ( does not include the necessary details to do this. In fact the user guide that I used indicated that parameter 84 controls the bottom LED color and the FliRs toggle which I couldn’t understand. The user manual you provided indicates that these are parameters 86 and 87 respectively and includes much more detail. Clearly the document I used is incomplete/incorrect. I appreciate the link to the improved one.

One way was to compile your own snapshot jar from the github zwave raw code using maven. The other was to modify a jar using the jar -uf process. Both need the XML export from the DB